Pedazo de basura

Miguel: did you know unreal 2 ?
Miguel: about
Glutnix: yeah i know its out
Miguel: cool
Glutnix: apparently it’s too short
Miguel: really??
Glutnix: i dunno – won’t run on my piece of crap system
Miguel: :S
Miguel: heheeh
Glutnix: how do you say crap in spanish?
Miguel: basura
Glutnix: my computer is a piece of basura
Miguel: but basura means trash too
Glutnix: that’s good 🙂
Glutnix: it’s trash too 🙂
Miguel: hehehe
Glutnix: basically it needs more ram, more cpu, and a 3d card
Miguel: My computer is a piece of crap.
Mi computadora es un pedazo de basura.
Glutnix: hehehe 🙂