Hanging with Mr Cooper Bison

My brother, Stuart aka The Bison, moved to Wellington a few weeks ago. It’s really cool to hang out with him. Like last night we were playing Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on MAME… and we were having a ball.

Back when we were living together and he was still at intermediate/high school, he had a mega drive, and we used to play Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and we’d beat each other up. My favorite character was Liu Kang, so I’d be all like “Bicycle Kick Bicycle Kick Fireball Fireball Upper-Cut” and he’d be Kabal and he’d be all like “Mincey Mincey Mincey Mincey” and he’d kick my ass 🙂 So re-living that last night was real cool.

We also played some Star Control 2 Ur-Quan Masters : Super Melee and he kicked my ass, again… So I burnt it to CD for him… I know he’ll enjoy it 🙂