Slacker Brett is Honest

Today I was honest with myself and my boss — I’m a slacker. I’ve not been pulling my weight at work. I surf too much and I don’t do enough work.

But that’s all about to change. I’m gonna do my best to get to work on time, set and achieve SMART goals, focus on work, and stop being slack. I asked my boss to keep me accountable about this stuff. I gotta stop surfing, stop chatting (hence the previous post), and just get on with what I’m there to do.

I guess working in a cybercafe for over 18 months — where you do nothing but surf all day, and help the occasional customer — will really affect you. I know it’s a problem I have to work with.

The new flat is cool. I really like being here, centre of town and all. I kinda feel a bit alone, because everyone usually keeps to themselves. I guess I want to make friends and hang out with some of them. It could be the age difference, as they are a few years older than me. I hope they open up.

I’m off to Christchurch on Wednesday — Chris’s wedding. I hope it’s a good time.

One thought on “Slacker Brett is Honest

  1. Wow, I can so relate to that. I’m so lazy that I paid for hosting and can’t be arsed to put my site back up. I will do it though, I promise, on SUNDAY!!

    (I guess it doesnt help my last host deleted my mysql database that ran Bunny Abandonware. (bastards))

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