Content vs Publishing Mediums

This is a sneak warning for all you Webfrooters who read my personal blog. Webfroot’s gonna have it’s own podcast. A podcast is basically a radioshow recorded and made available online as an MP3. Technology is so cheap and easy to use that now anyone can publish stuff like this.

People can listen to the MP3 by downloading it themselves, or automatically. An RSS feed is then made available, and using enclosures, special RSS feedreaders can download the MP3 over http or BitTorrent. The feed reader then inserts the MP3 into your iTunes and when you update your iPod in the morning, you have radio to listen to!

But after listening to some podcasts, it seems people are concerned about podcasters talking about podcasting on their podcasts, claiming “it’s all they ever talk about”. David Slusher says “fuck off, too bad, it’s only been around for about 6 weeks!” on his Evil Genius Chronicles audioblog/podcast.

Which brings me to my point (and I’m borrowing some of this from Slusher): People judge new mediums like blogging and podcasting by the content. “Blogs suck because they’re either geeks talking tech or goths whining about their life”. “Podcasts suck because they’re unprofessional and it’s just geeks in their basements”. I could say back at the birth of TV “Television sucks — it mostly has test-patterns on it”.

While yes, the majority of blogs are by geeks and people whining about their life, and the current majority of podcasts have podcasters raving about the new medium, this doesn’t mean that the medium sucks! It’s just you think the people podcasting suck! Which is fine, it’s your opinion — Judge the content, not the medium. These people who have picked up the podcasting stick and are running with it are pushing the medium.

Yes, current podcast content appeals to geeks, but that’s because it’s a new medium invented by geeks! Who invented the TV? Who invented the Internet? Damn right… it was geeks. But just like there are now more non-geek sites on the internet, and there are more non-geek blogs springing up, there will be more non-geek podcasts in the near future.

One thought on “Content vs Publishing Mediums

  1. BOO YA! BOOM SHAKA LAKA! You go, you go. Exactly what I have in my mind! I think that even Blog’s could stand to benefit from your inspiring words. Here’s the thing, it’s an Web Log (i.e. online diary) of course it’ll have people talking about what interests them. Geeks talking tech, goths complaining, I write about anything that I cram into a journal. It’s why the Blogging revolution was popular, everyone could do it. As for Podcast, soon people will regret thier negativity. It will become popular, just give it time.

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