Smart Unread Comments WP Plugin updated to 1.3

I’ve just updated the Smart Unread Comments WordPress Plugin to 1.3. Finally, it uses your permalink structure in it’s links!

Also, I’ve changed a couple of the defaults; $limit now defaults to 5 and $output_when_more_unread_comments_than_limit now defaults to TRUE.

If you want to keep the old defaults, update your template’s command to this:
<?php echo get_smart_unread_comments(10, TRUE, FALSE); ?>

Also, I've moved my wordpress plugins to their own pages now

Get the new version now!

One thought on “Smart Unread Comments WP Plugin updated to 1.3

  1. sgo

    Great plugin… couldn’t do without it.

    How can I change the default last 14 days to 7 days.

    We get a tremendous amount of comments and the site seems to slow down as the cookie gets bigger. If it get slow and you delete the cookie and then mark all as unread it speeds up right away.

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