“I’m Winston Wolf, I solve problems.”

Well, I certainly feel like “The Wolf” from Pulp Fiction. Every-so-often I get called up, requesting my presence during my lunch break to “solve problems”, specifically Web Development related problems. My conditions are:

  • Complimentary pick up and set down from my place of employment. (read: You want me, come get me)
  • Lunch provided.
  • ~NZD$40 for the effort.

I usually end up giving a programmer a crash-course in something-or-rather technique, fixing some PHP, reviewing a website giving advice on how it could be improved, writing some reasonably trivial ActionScript, or whatever my ‘client’ can squeeze out of me in ~50 minutes.

I could probably charge more, but most of my clients get mates rates. 😉

It’s not exactly a “lunch break”, but it’s good for a change of pace. Having to do something incredibly fast can be fun. Most of the time I get it finished to a level the client is happy with, and I’m quite pleased with myself for getting it finished so quick.

Sometimes it’s impossible for me to do something, for example, because something that I was called into to do relies on something that is broken that I can’t fix, I feel like I wasted their time as well as mine.

One thought on ““I’m Winston Wolf, I solve problems.”

  1. andy in aussie

    that sounds like a satisfying way to spend lunch – you get to solve a problem without having to chew over it for days on end.

    The fun of the chase without having to sweat it.

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