Rad Rad Robo-Glutbook

Rad Rad Robo-Glutbook
Uploaded to Flickr by Glutnix.

Here’s Glutbook, my 12″ iBook mac laptop sporting some new cult-of-mac jamming adhesives!

  • Technorati sticker, obtained at WE05 Sydney (thanks Tantek!)
  • “OBEY with caution – Blind Acceptance can be hazardous”, bought years ago in an Obey sticker pack I only just remembered I had
  • Rad Rad Robotank from Strong Bad Email #139: Portrait, custom printed for NZD$15 at a sign printer here in Wellington called Asign. Supplied a EPS and it was printed and laser cut ready for sticking on in less than half a day! Awesome!

I know some mac-zealots (namely Kodiak) are gonna hate me for doing it. But that was part of the fun 😀

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  1. okto

    Nicely done. I like your interests lists, too. ^_^

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