Space Man Candy Sticks, Redesigned… UGH.

Space Man Candy Sticks, Redesigned… UGH.
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Carousel, the new owners of the kiwiana-status brand “Space Man Candy Sticks” have ruined an iconic New Zealand brand by redesigning the packaging. WTF were they thinking!?

Especially because they put a ginga in the deep vacuum of space without him first putting on his helmet.

4 thoughts on “Space Man Candy Sticks, Redesigned… UGH.

  1. anton

    It seems they have placed the old astronaut back on one side of the packet 🙂
    The actual product is now much harder and the ends are not so cleanly cut. The pack no longer opens like a packet of smokes and the tips aren’t red anymore 🙁

  2. Allen

    The box in the pack says 20g. I bought one for around 80c today and its 16g. 4g decrease..

  3. Allen

    the box in the picture*

  4. I just had some brought over for me and they now seem to have gone back to the “original” packaging design. Does anyone know what the story is behind all the changes?

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