Have Yourself a Chippy Little Christmas

I love chiptunes. I also love Christmas time, and even Christmas carols (after the 1st of December, of course). So this is my annual reminder that there are some excellent chiptune re-imaginings of classic Christmas songs. I actually like these albums.

So, pop these on and chip out!

Album art for The 8bits of Christmas

The 8bits of Christmas – The 8bitpeoples (FREE)

8-bit Christmas - Rush Coil

8-bit Christmas – Rush Coil – USD $3.00 +

8-Bit Jesus – Doctor Octoroc

8-Bit Jesus – Doctor Octoroc – USD $9.99

And if that’s not enough ghost chips of Christmas present for you, @hubs curates a exhaustive list of even more Chiptune Christmas, a lot of which is free too. Wow.

And when your family tells you to turn it off, then turn on Mariah’s two albums. Cause Mariah is retro enough by now 🙂

Peace to you and yours this Christmas!