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Isn’t a weird word. This is gonna be a little deep for some of you, but here we go. The word programming is important to me. It used to be the word that ruled my life at high school. I wanted to be a programmer. I spent my spare time programming. Not coding, but programming. I wrote programs in Qbasic. It just dawned on my that I’m not programming any more, but i’m coding. They seem to have different meanings to me. Coding is the informal term for programming, but have I lost something deep and meaningful by not calling it that anymore? I looked up the word programming on, and found this:

[Late Latin programma, public notice, from Greek programma, programmat-, from prographein, to write publicly  :pro-, forth; see pro-2 + graphein, to write; see gerbh- in Indo-European Roots.]

Maybe the speakers of latin had something to do with open source…?

Code Legend

Smileychris is a freaking legend. He’s coded an Robo Battle Pigs game processor in Python. What makes him more of a legend is he did it in one weekend. I helped him a little, but nothing he couldn’t have figured out himself. I hope he releases it as open source – he’d make the game that much more popular. There were words of maybe having a SOAP service interface to it, and definetely a web site where you can play against other people. All the hard work is done! I tell you: LEG-END.

Guy on the street

This morning I was walking to work reading Stop Stealing Sheep and find out how type works, and this guy (who must have been drugged out) walks next to me and asks me what i’m reading – I said just a book, and show him the cover. He said ‘oh I love books’ and then commented on the title saying ‘it must be pretty awesome’. I don’t know what to think. Maybe I’ll read and walk more often 🙂

Robo Battle Pigs

A handful of us are trying to get a game of Robo Battle Pigs going on the Webfroot Forums. RBP is a game you can play on a 8×8 chess/checkers board.

The objective of Robo Battle Pigs is to destroy your opponent’s Robo Battle Pig by inflicting five points of damage with your laser or powerful robot fist.

Today, I was amazed to see that Randy Cox, the inventor of RBP had turned up on the forum offering a little tidbit of advice. I’m honoured he graced us with his presence 🙂 We need three or four more players back!

Welcome. My design is a bit bland right now, but I’ll work on that 🙂

Just a quick intro about myself. My real name is Brett Taylor. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I enjoy walking, making websites, computer programming (PHP, Flash Actionscript), Science-fiction (not really fantasy), Indian food, caffeine, candy, and watching the world go by when I have the time. I’m a christian who attends Karori Baptist Church (the website is something I’ve volunteered to revamp, when I get some time).

I live in a flat with 5 other guys, two of which I have known since high school. One of those guys, SmileyChris, posts on webfroot along with Kodiak, who also lives with us (I met him about a year ago I think)

If you haven’t guessed already, this is my personal blog. I’ll be posting mind-boggling boring stuff about my personal life. Interesting stuff will still get posted to my other website of mass love, Webfroot. Webfroot got about 4gb of traffic last month, my god thats lots. I never would have thought it would get that popular. If you asked me a year ago if I’d ever use more than 1gb, I would have laughed in your face with humility… if laughing in your face with humility isn’t a contradiction…

I’ll update my blog at least three times a week, but strive for every day. Catch you on the blogside!