Brisbane Day 2

Christmas today was pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚ Mum and Neil were happy about their presents. I got Mum the Fly My Pretties album on Loop Records, along with a pedometer and a can of L&P (a soft drink only available in New Zealand), and Neil a digital wall thermometer and hygrometer. Rapt.

I had already recieved my christmas present: a return flight to Brisbane, so not much was under the tree for me. I did get this neat gel neck cooler thing — you put it in water for about 2 minutes, and it soaks up and becomes pretty solid, then you chuck it in the fridge, then you velcro it around your neck — so beautifully cold!

Today’s weather was forecast to be 38°C. Neil’s new thermometer reports 38.8°C o_O;

We went swimming at Streets Beach again today — a huge turnout for Christmas Day. Lots of beautiful women. I got a little depressed about how I didn’t have a girl to share the day with. After talking with Mum a little, I guess I lack confidence to approach the ladies.

Mum also said that she thought I’d changed; “like you’ve lost a part of yourself – I used to be able to talk to anyone”. That touched a nerve and I didn’t know what to think about myself anymore.

I don’t think I used to talk to HEAPS of people, but I guess I don’t say much anymore.

I hate making judgement calls on people.

I’ll usually only pipe up when I have something to add to a conversation, like a fact or something funny.

I really like to talk about things I know about, like computers, the internet, christianity, creative commons and copyright.

I don’t start conversations. Maybe that’s the problem. I guess I feel I don’t have anything relevent to say that will be interesting. And that’s probably a lie; I’m an interesting person. I am, right? I don’t know. If chicks find out I’m a hard-core geek, I tend to get judged and stereotyped. I don’t look like a stereotype geek, but I certainly can behave like one.

Mum said I needed to boost my confidence. She said I could look at losing some weight and I should do the things I enjoy to make me feel better about myself. I don’t care too much if I have a beergut. And I do do the things I enjoy.

I work. I love to get on a computer and punch out a website. I love to help others with their computer problems. I love to do the things I do well, and I love learning to do them better. Reading about my industry online. Attending conferences. Stuff like that.

How do I boost my confidence in something I suck at? Getting rejected hurts. I feel like I have so much to offer to some special lady. But putting myself on the line only to get burnt really hurts. I work my courage to go over and say hi, and I put effort into it over a few weeks, and then I figure out that she’s probably not interested in me. That’s a bum deal.

But I guess it’s life. The only way to build my confidence up is to take the chance and try talking to a girl.

MacOSX: First Impressions

OK, so it’s not my mac, but I guess I’m gonna be the one using it the most. Work just bought a Mac mini, and it is so quiet! And of course, it runs MacOSX, that sexy smart OS.

After some initial oversights (Didn’t have any USB keyboards), I got it up and going with my existing CRT monitor, mouse and keyboard. First things I learnt: Home and End go to the top and bottom of your document, not the start and end of the current line. Just to clarify:

Document Navigation Keystrokes
  Windows MacOSX
Start of line Home Command + Left Arrow
End of line End Command + Right Arrow
Start of document Ctrl + Home Home
End of document Ctrl + End End
Start of (previous) word Ctrl + Left Arrow Option + Left Arrow
End of (next) word Ctrl + Right Arrow Option + Right Arrow

But I should get used to all that. I guess I wish I had a real Mac keyboard, but I did find DoubleCommand, which I have yet to try, but looks promising.

I did however, try Quicksilver! I really like this tool — it lets you do things you might do quite often all from the keyboard, things like start applications, upload files. If I was going to replace my Windows box with the Mac as my desktop machine, I’m sure Quicksilver would definetely become handy ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s like a command prompt on de-obfuscation pills!

The main reason we have the Mac is for testing websites in Safari and IE5Mac. Safari is quite good, but as many of my web designing and developing friends out there will likely know, the bane of our existances is Internet Explorer, and IE5Mac triplely so. So I stand to learn a lot about the inadequacies of crappy browsers… as if IE6Win wasn’t enough… ๐Ÿ˜›

Webfroot is looking smart in Safari — the one-liner doesn’t render correctly, but hey, can’t win them all. Haven’t tried looking at inner.geek yet… will do that tomorrow.

Getting to know the ins and outs of a highly polished, well thought out operating system is an exciting prospect. I’ve tried several KDE and Gnome installations over the years, and they don’t have squat on MacOSX.

If I wasn’t saving to go to WE05, I’d be all like saving hard core for a Mac… I have been dreaming of a Mactop to call my own for a while now…

Can anyone out there recommend good freeware apps a Windows Poweruser “switching” to OSX should look at?

Things I’m Loving Right Now!

This isn’t your standard link dump… I’m gonna talk about things both online and offline that I’m loving…

  • — Creative Commons licenced podcasts with christian content, especially The Living Word and Rev Tim’s Podcast
  • Flickr — Finding cool photos that get your creative juices flowing has never been so easy, and never so fun!
  • Picasa — Makes performing simple photo improvements fast and easy… if only it would integrate with Flickr…
  • Walking around Wellington — especially to places I’ve never walked, such as the Interisland Ferry Terminal. I’m doing the 10,000 step program, so reaching 10,000 steps before I go to bed is a real motivator… and taking the new camera makes it fun too ๐Ÿ™‚ … walking to the ferry terminal that day got me up above 20,000 steps for the first time!
  • Getting Things Done — or more specifically the methodology outlined in the book Getting Things Done (slashdot review)… being organised and completing tasks is a motivator!

New Favorite Movie

It’s probably a bit early, but Garden State is probably my new favorite movie. Directed by and starring Zach Braff, known by most of you as JD from Scrubs, this movie talks to me deeply. Being shut off from your feelings and then discovering them by chance all over again. And falling in love.

I long to fall in love, and when I do, the hopeless romantic in me hopes it’s something like Garden State… It’s probably the warm fuzzy feeling in my chest talking, but I hope I fall in love with someone who’s as equally crazy, if not more crazy than I am.

And ladies, I’m leaving my mind open, so if you’re reading this and you’re interested in the Brettmeister, and you’re not as crazy as Sam, it’s cool, come see me anyway! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I may be crazy, but I’m not insane! Well, at least not clinically… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Overall, I thought the movie was awesome. If you see any movie this holiday season, see The Incredibles (when it finally opens in NZ), and then see Garden State.

On a side note, shout outs to Virgil, who I bumped to on the street — hope to see you again soon sometime matey ๐Ÿ™‚

The end has passed…

After listening to The End is Near and then The End is Here I was left with a sense of sadness yet contentness — it’s not every day your favorite band breaks up. The End is Here was so awesome — it captured the band’s sadness and excitement to them breaking up, and the last song Every New Day finished and the fans chanted “Thank You Thank You” and it was very moving — I so wish I was there, but listening to the CD made me feel like I was actually there! *sobs* *smiles*