Live from Palmerston North, it’s FNORD!

Hi All, I’m typing from Tuatha’s parent’s house. Last night, madness ensued, and twas good. At Tuatha’s friends place there were about 40+ people who I didn’t know. The crowd managed to consume: 2x bottles of Vodka, 1x bottle of Tequila, 1x bottle of Glenfiddich Whisky, 1x bottle of Melon Liquior, 1x bottle of Port, and various other alcohols. I didn’t consume much (editors note from Tuatha: he was fucked totaly and utterly) till we went into town (Murphy’s Law for about 2 minutes, Harvesters, then Uno). Rob, one of Tuatha’s friend introduced me to the Blackjack – 1/2 Chartreuce, 1/2 Black Sambuca! Oh yeah! Niiiiiiiice combo. Tuatha attempted 21 shots of something called the Anti-shaker (Chartreuce, Triple Sec, Vodka, and ‘V’) – good stuff, but he had to share after 8… To his credit he did many more than 21 shots worth over the course of the night. After that we got in a car with someone who hadn’t been drinking and went through the gorge to Ballance Bridge and we screamed into the gale-force wind howling through the gorge. We took lots of photos. We’ll get them up when I get the new hosting.

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