Why I bought your albums: A public letter to Mr Scruff

Dear Mr Scruff,

You are one skilled artist. I live in New Zealand, and although I’m writing to your radio show email address, I have never listened your show. However I have listened to all your CDs

I am writing to tell you how MP3s of your CDs introduced me to your fantastic tunes and

I have a friend in England who I met online. He is a big fan of your music, and he told me I should see if I could score some Mr Scruff MP3s online. I did. And I was impressed, nay, flabbergasted! Your music was beyond words! It was indescribable to those who had not yet become instant fans after hearing one track! I wanted more. I downloaded more. I listened in pleasure, wanting just one more track. Your music is an addiction. I went to all the music stores in Wellington looking for any of your CDs. After several months of listening I found your Get a Move On / Ug single and PURCHASED IT. Even though I had heard both of these tracks before, I said I must own that and give the Scruff his due – a small amount of money. Now notice that this CD was an import; most full album CDs in NZ cost about NZD$30. I paid $41 for your SINGLE CD. I then heard Trouser Jazz was on the way, and I pre-ordered it from a CD Store that said they were getting them in. It cost me the same $41. Another store also got Trouser Jazz in, and got some Keep It Unreals in too, so I bought one of those too! Heck, I almost bought your vinyl, even though I have no decks, but I thought I’d leave it for someone who would get much more happiness from it that I could. I even bought a Zentertainment CD just because it had a track by you on it.

Then you came to Wellington and played a 6 hour set at StudioNine! Wow! I scored me some tickets and attended your DJ session and had the time of my life!

So there you have it – I am a Mr Scruff Fan for life, and you can thank a friend of mine challenging me to download MP3s.

This letter has been posted here for all to see at: http://glutnix.webfroot.co.nz/index.php?p=110%A0more=1%A0c=1

Thank you once again for your amazing musical prowess!
Brett Taylor