Questions Day

What’s a good web-standards, tableless PHP+MySQL-based CMS that isn’t focused on blogging (IE, not WordPress) ?

What are some strategies for prioritising tasks in day-to-day work?

Running a car is expensive, so why don’t more people use the bus, especially in Wellington, since we (arguably) have the best bus system in the nation… ?

Why is picking up good habits so difficult, but picking up bad habits so easy?

Have you… seen my legs?

3 thoughts on “Questions Day

  1. // why don’t more people use the bus, especially in Wellington

    wellingtonians have the highest per-capita use of public transport in New Zealand. I suspect more people don’t use it because, like me, they find the buses absolutely packed to the gunnels during rush hour, and can’t actually get on. that and the grumpy drivers and recent price hikes.

  2. mufasa!!!


    Catch the Bus? Nah, why would I. Its the same price for Amber and I to drive and its way more convenient. I honestly would use public transport but because its privately owned and its getting more expensive there is no incentive.

    When and if public transport becomes cheap and even more convenient then what it currently is I would consider it. I can’t see it happening 🙁

    If it were to come down to a moral argument I’ll do something if the government does something – here is my plan:

    They pass legislation that:

    1) bans all non energy efficient light bulbs

    2) forces all new residential properties use solar thermal water heating (poor rich people who can afford to build a house have to save for a few more months)

    3) forces all new commercial property to use energy efficient new technologies that are good for the environment

    4) ban all the crappy cars that are coughing out too much smoke – introduce

    5) ban big trucks on road and get all cargo back onto the train lines (did you know that only 15 – 20 years ago it was illegal for a truck to drive more then 100k!!!)

    6) make it legal shoot kerry predaghastly in the face – that is to say fire all people in the WGTN city council who let their husbands get away with building ugly buildings to replace our heritage…

    Until the government have the balls to do something minor like that then why should I…

    …sorry for ranting 😛

  3. Try for a nice open source cms made in Wellington.

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