Just to make things worse

Mel is going out with my best friend Chris, the same Chris I flat with. This started last week. I’m not exactly happy with the whole thing, understandably. It hurts. Mel told me she didn’t mean to hurt me. Thats cool she said that, but it doesn’t stop the hurt. I’m not angry that they are together. I just hurt on the inside, thats all. Chris and I have talked about it and we’ve sorted it out between us.

The thing I guess that cuts me up the most is that I have never had a period where Mel didn’t come over to our house for more than a week. When Mel and I broke up, she kept coming over and seeing Chris – as friends. Now that friendship has blossomed. I’m happy for them, and don’t want them to break up because of me – they’re going out because they feel that way for each other, I have no input into that. But it doesn’t change the fact that I still hurt.

They are both great people who are responsible adults who will make the right decisions. I’m just gonna keep out of the whole situation. I don’t want to be hurt any more.

(make sure you read the disclaimer before getting angry at me)