As much as I disagree with the war…

I’m against the war, but I just made this up:

In A.D. 2003
War was beginning.
Saddam: What happen ?
Son: Somebody inspect up us the bomb
Advisor: We get signal
Saddam: What !
Advisor: Smoke screen turn on
Saddam: It’s UN !!
Bush: How are you gentlemen !!
Bush: All your base are belong to U.S.
Bush: You have weapons of mass destruction
Saddam: What you say !!
Bush: You have no chance to surrender make your time
Blair: HA HA HA HA ….
Saddam: Take off every ‘mig’
Saddam: You know what you doing
Saddam: Move ‘mig’
Saddam: For great injustice


Faithfreek: grociery time hoorah
Faithfreek: oh u kno here’s something u shood promote
Glutnix: oh yeah?
Faithfreek: u kno those ice blocks u can get in a bag
Faithfreek: at the supermarket
Faithfreek: tell everyone to buy them cos they rule
Glutnix: yeah?
Glutnix: lmao
Faithfreek: and they’re only 2 bucks a bag
Glutnix: lmoa
Glutnix: you mean like party ice?
Faithfreek: nah
Faithfreek: um
Faithfreek: wait i’ll check the name
Glutnix: the maoris hunted the lmoa to extintion ๐Ÿ™
Faithfreek: nice
Faithfreek: imoa – n
Glutnix: apples new computer is called the imoa
Faithfreek: ok bluebird fla-vor-ice
Faithfreek: 25 bars in a pak yum
Faithfreek: ha
Glutnix: oh those! they are l33t
Faithfreek: 133t?
Glutnix: l33t
Glutnix: leet, as in elite
Glutnix: as in excellent
Faithfreek: beta split
Faithfreek: seeya soon
Glutnix: ok man cya
Faithfreek: be back in an hour or so
Faithfreek: mmmm food shopping
Glutnix: the chemical cyanice is tasty, but deadly
Glutnix: it is coloured cyan
Glutnix: sometimes it is frozen

I am not in charge of the garbage.

Walking through Manners Mall here in Beautiful Sunny Wellington and I’m waiting for the crosswalk signal to let me cross, and a journalist asks if I was in charge of the garbage, drawing my attention to the two huge black bags of garbage I’m standing right next to. Sitting on the corner of Wellington’s most popular intersection. Oozing radioactive goo. OK, so it’s probably not radioactive, but it was pretty foul none-the-less. So I was like, “No, I’m not in charge of the garbage”. So Wellington City Council, who’s in charge of the garbage?

On another point of me not being in charge of the garbage, for some reason, My friends will offer me their leftover bowls of ice cream, macaroni cheese, lasagna, and other type foods, expecting that I will eat it. I probably will, but I don’t like being seen as some human garbage disposal. I try to watch my weight, as much as everyone thinks otherwise.


OK here’s a list of random junk that’s in my external brain (my notebook i carry with me)
* The Dead Sea Scrollbars
* (two year old) When I grow up I want to be a camping sniper!
* Vlad the Impala
* The thin blue <HR>
* (Sphinx Chariot Sales) This chariot comes with a built in Egyptian Seat…
You may groan…. now.

Why ACDsee is better than IrfanView IMHO

ACDsee is better than IrfanView IMHO because IrfanView has the worst icon(s) ever. I think if IrfanView changed his icon, his product would be better. Honestly, A red splot does not inspire me. ACDsee’s icons with the file extension written in the icon make so much more sense. Only problem is ACDsee isn’t free. Oh, and ACDsee has lots of cool editing features too… If I was to buy it, I’d buy the powerpack. ๐Ÿ™‚